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This blog is intended to chart our progress through the self-build process, from half-hearted plot-hunting through to completion of the build. The twist is that we're building the house from timber and straw (hence the blog title).

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Friday, 18 January 2008

January 18th - Kitchen worktops mostly

No time to blog. Photos below, and diary to follow later...

Sorry about that. I worked a full day with Melvin, and arrived home to find the family in a state of collapse. Oscar had a temperature of 40 degrees (104 in old-money), which refused to respond to paracetamol. Trying to deal with it, and long periods on hold to NHS 24 left no time for frivolities like blogging.
As you'll see from the photos, Melvin and I spent a large part of the day installing the kitchen work-tops. This involved some precise and very enjoyable joinery, using a router and a biscuit jointer borrowed at the last minute from a mutual friend (thanks Patrick). The clamping system is pretty clever, and the end-result was very pleasing. To cap the day off I wired in the hob. Managed to fit door frames to the snug and the bathrooms too, so a good productive day.


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